Modern Design what is it?

Overview of the building process.

Modern design brings together the knowledge and puts planning, designed and constructed in a methodical and comprehensive context for creating successful fittings for our customers.

Clarification of user needs, functional, physical building and building technical analysis ensures proper basis for further planning.

Knowledge systematized along with accomplished methods ensures good choice and quality engineering.
Solution method
Solution principles and concepts set the system provides good and proper solution choices, products and materials.

Product Options
Products from reputable suppliers ensures good solutions, quality and delivery excellence in the construction and operation phase.

Interdisciplinary coordination
Good interdisciplinary coordination ensures the quality, usability and improve efficiency in the construction phase.

Calculation contract
A neat arrangement prevents conflicts in the construction process.

Common system of logistics, assembly, safety and cleaning prevents failures and occupational injuries and enhances job satisfaction.

Designated system for service and follow-up ensures the successful operation of the building’s use phase.